The name Add & Spice stands for additives and spices. The name places emphasis on international orientation. Add & Spice consists in the first place of me, Olaf Zantow, as the owner. Behind me is a team of specialists from the food trade: butchers, master butchers, food technicians, nutritionists etc.

Add & Spice offers you competent consulting in the food trade and the distribution of spice compounds and additives.

  • Standardization of spice compounds
  • Product development and optimization
  • Increase of product security
  • Shortening of production time
  • Rearranging of technology
  • Accompaniment of projects

If you have any questions, or want to talk to us about our products and service write an e-mail to:


or call:

Tel.: +49 (0) 441 77 05 111

Mob.:+49 (0)179 326 88 81 und +49 (0) 151 41 400 116

or send a fax:

 +49 (0) 441 77 05 112

I am available any time.


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